Who We Are

As a Zhongshan-based point of purchase display, retail fixture and merchandising solution provider, we have been in the business for three decades. As one of the top 50 POP display companies in this industry, our inventory ranges from ready-to-ship stock items to custom designs.

What We Do


Our mission is to design cost-effective, visually appealing, and engaging in-store solutions that encourage shoppers to buy. This will increase sales and raise brand awareness. The first step in our process is creating inspiring designs – designs that grab attention and turn shoppers into buyers. Check out our Portfolio to view some of our recent works!


With more than three decades of manufacturing experience, we know a thing or two about making things. Our hybrid model combines high-quality overseas production with in-house production to offer customers competitive pricing, quick lead times, Made-in-the-China options, and small and large run sizes. Check out Our Capabilities for further details.

Stock and Custom Solutions

Our stock POP displays and store fixtures are tailored to meet a range of immediate merchandising opportunities and needs. They come with accessories that can be customized with brand-specific graphics. You can order stock displays online through our shop or contact us via email at sales@detronpop.com.cn or phone at 86-0760-8862 8606 with any questions.

At DisplayWise, we offer custom POP displays and store fixture solutions. Our in-house design team and sales/operations staff can help you craft the ideal display program. Visit Our Capabilities to discover more.

Global Logistics / Fulfillment

We provide a comprehensive suite of post-production logistics, transportation, and fulfillment services to facilitate national program launches and regional program implementations. Our operations team handles various assembly/fulfillment programs, while our customer service department handles international and domestic shipments to customers’ locations or distribution centers and drop loads.

Who We Serve

We work with retailers and brands in a wide range of industries. Many of the brands that we work with have a long history and are nationally recognized. Some brands are brand new and rising that want to sell in physical retail stores.

Below are some of our customers and end-users.

The President’s Message: Our Higher Purpose

There is an intriguing parallel between musical composition and our daily work in POP displays and other merchandising solutions. Both disciplines strive to create an unforgettable, unique experience that captures people’s attention, speaks directly to their hearts and mind, and leaves a lasting impression.

Johan Sebastian Bach’s music, considered one of the world’s greatest composers, conveys a universal message about hope and faith that can reach people regardless of religion or culture. Each composition was inscribed with “SDG,” an acronym for “Soli Deo Gloria” or “To God be the Glory,” signifying Bach’s deep devotion and sincere desire to serve God through his art.

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